How to be more confident

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be more confident

There are tons of advice about building self confidence on the internet and the ones that doesn't work are much more than the ones that work.

Lots of people search for tips for building self confidence online then end up with inferior advice such as repeat affirmations, learn to love yourself or be a positive thinker.

The process of building self confidence is much more complex than the majority of people think and that's why the simple advice they give never work!!

In order to be more confident you must understand what self confidence is and its connection with your belief system.

Self confidence and your belief system

Self confidence or lack of it are no more than the result of the beliefs you have about yourself and about the world.

If, as a child, you were taught that you are not that important (for example if your parents weren't giving you enough attention) then you will grow up to be an adult who lacks self confidence.

If you believe that you are a failure then no matter what affirmations you repeat you will always feel inadequate around successful people.

So in short, your beliefs are the main factor that determines your level of confidence.

Distorted beliefs and lack of self confidence

An average looking person could think that he is worthy if he didn't believe that looks are the most important thing in the world, On the other hand, a person who is more attractive could feel worthless because of believing that he must look like a model in order to be loved.

See how a distorted belief can affect someone's self confidence?
In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how some people lack self confidence because of having distorted beliefs about the world!!

A girl who looks attractive but who thinks that she must look flawless in order to be loved will lack self confidence and could even feel worthless!!

A celebrity who has tons of fans and infinite supply of money could feel worthless if he believed that he must be taller in order to be worthy!!

See, its not about what you have but its about the beliefs you have about the things you have!!

Fix your beliefs!!

In order to build self confidence you need to fix your beliefs!!
Educate yourself by reading and collecting information until you manage to provide good proofs that can enable you get rid of your false beliefs about life.

Who said you must make outstanding achievements in order to be loved?
Who said you must be very attractive in order to attract someone?
Who said you must be richer in order to be worthy?

Fix your beliefs about the world and you will become really confident

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