Self image problems causes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

self image problems causes

What causes self image problems?
Why would someone who looks attractive spend his life thinking that he is not attractive or even ugly??

Many people who suffer form self image problems see a completely different person when they look in the mirror instead of seeing their real looks. As a result those people live their lives thinking that they are not attractive and lose many of the opportunities they would have taken advantage of if they felt more confident about their looks.

In this article i will tell you about the causes of self image problems.

What really causes self image problems?

What really causes a self image problem and makes a person see an ugly reflection in the mirror?

If the person's childhood was full of criticism and if the child wasn't extremely attractive to the extent that everyone used to tell him how attractive he is then he will certainly develop a self image problem.

Since the child faces continues criticism and rejection he starts to look for a reason to justify these rejections and finally he reaches a conclusion that people don't like him because of his looks!!!

So the main cause of self image problems is connecting the rejections someone got earlier in his life with his looks instead of finding the real reason.

In the beginning the person becomes unsure of his looks to the extent that he sometimes think that they are the sole cause of the rejections he gets while in other times he thinks that he is attractive. After few more rejections the person becomes very sure that the problem is with his looks!!

As a result of the development of the self image problem a limiting belief about the person's looks is developed which is strengthened everyday as the he faces new rejections.

Usually the person who suffers from a self image problem thinks that his looks are his weakest point and that's why he thinks that its the main reason he fails even if there were other reasons.

Getting over self image problems

Since a self image problem is caused by a distorted view of a person's looks it would be very hard for someone to change his idea about his looks easily unless he gets external feedback.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that one of the best ways to get over a self image problem is to learn body language so that you can know how many people think that you are attractive.

After all most people who think that you look good wont tell you that directly and the only way to know it would be through body language. People with self image problems become amazed when they learn body language because of discovering that many people find them attractive.

As time passes the limiting belief about the person's looks will weaken until it will disappear taking with it the self image problem.

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