Self image problems symptoms

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Self image problems symptoms

What are the symptoms of self image problems?

Do you dislike your looks or feel uncomfortable because of your body shape?
Do you think that a certain feature in your face or body looks really bad and must be changed?
Do you think that people judge you negatively because of your looks?

Thoughts like these come to the minds of almost everyone but when these thoughts become obsessive to the extent that they affect social interactions then its a clear symptom of a self image problem.

How self image problems affect social interactions

A person who is not satisfied with his looks usually becomes obsessed with his external appearance when being present with people. This obsession results in two major problems:

The first problem is that the person finds it hard to concentrate during conversations with strangers which affects his social performance and deteriorates his self confidence even more.

The second problem that happens to a person with a self image problem is that when he believes that something is wrong about his looks he usually incorrectly interprets the facial expressions and the gestures of others to further solidify his false beliefs about his appearance.

So one of the common symptoms of a self image problem is finding yourself obsessed with your looks to the extent that you become distracted while talking to people especially strangers.

How to deal with self image problems?

People who have self image problems usually have a different mental image of themselves than the image other people see.

Its not usual for a handsome person to believe that he looks ordinary or even ugly under the effect of his self image problem!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that one of the symptoms of self image problems is feeling attractive one day then feeling ugly the other day. This happens because at the first day you might have came across a good mirror that reflected your real looks while in the other day you might have recalled your imaginary image from your mind before interacting with people.

The best way to deal with a self image problem is to help yourself build a realistic picture of your looks. The links at the bottom of the article will tell you how to do this.

A research has shown that people who spend more time in front of the mirror feel less conscious about their looks. Do you know the reason? because they keep seeing the real image instead of the imagined one that is causing their self image problem.
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