How to deal with self image issues

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to deal with self image issues

People who have self image issues live their lives believing that they are much less attractive then they really are.

When a person with a self image problem looks in the mirror he doesn't see his true reflection but he sees a reflection of the criticism that he received, the abuse he suffered from as a child and the bullying that was directed at him in his early years.

As a result of these events the person starts to believe that he looks unattractive, geeky, ugly or even inferior.

In this article i will tell you how to deal with self image issues.

Self image issues and your past

Self image issues are usually caused by bad experience that happens during childhood.
The first step to dealing with self image issues is to become aware of the reasons that are responsible for your self image problem.

Sit alone where nobody can distract you and start remembering what happened to you during your childhood.

How many times did someone make you feel less worthy than others?
How many times did someone pick on you because of your looks?
How many times were you bullied??

In the end you will come up with the list of events that made you believe that people dislike your looks.

Next you need to ask yourself some very important questions,
What if your problem was mental rather than being related to how you really look?
What if your ugliness were imagined?
What if the image you see in the mirror is a reflection of your past experiences?

Reinforcing your self image problem

As soon as you ask yourself these questions you will find quick replies coming from your subconscious mind such as , i was rejected many times before or some people don't really like me and i am sure of that.

Now you should ask yourself more questions,
Who told you that those people don't like you?
and even if they rejected you who told you that it was because of your looks?
couldn't it be because of your attitude?

After all if you think that you are not attractive you won't act in an attractive way and the result will be rejection!!

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how people create self fulfilling prophecies such as this one and end up believing more in their initial false belief.

A person first believes that he is not attractive (because of his past)
he then starts to withdraw, become less social, pick extremely hard targets to prove himself correct or even act clumsy to support his belief and in the end his belief that he is not attractive becomes stronger!!!

The main reason self image problems persist is that people keep reinforcing them through incorrect thinking patterns.

The day you decide to break these thinking patterns is the same day that your self image problem will start to be solved.

It all begins with one question
what if you were living an illusion????

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