Lack of Self-confidence and Feeling Bad After Break-ups

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

He Dumped Me

Did someone dump you?
Do you feel bad about it?
Wondering whether he truly loved you or whether he was just fooling you?

If your answers were yes then don't worry because this article will show you the real reasons behind these bad feelings and help you get over them.

Self-confidence and Break-ups

According to the psychology of love most people fall in love with others just to compensate for their unmet needs or for their inferiority feelings.

In other words, they don’t actually love the other person but they love the feelings they get when they compensate for their weaknesses. Of course most people won't be consciously aware of this fact but they will just find themselves attracted to a person without knowing why.

For example, a girl who has a poor self image (not sure about her looks) will definitely love a handsome guy just to feel that she can be loved by someone who is good looking and who has no self image problems.

But what if that guy dumped her? Certainly she will feel down but do you know why?
Because she lost her source of compensation. She doesn't think that she will be able to find another handsome guy who loves her back.

It's actually her inferiority feelings that made her feel bad and not the break-up itself.

Face Your Real Problems

Rushing into a relationship will certainly provide you with some relief but this will never solve the problem.

It will just suppress the symptoms or make them less intense but as soon you break up with your partner the problems will appear again. If you want to get over these feelings of self doubt and sadness forever then you need to fix your self image and learn how to love yourself. Only then you not feel that bad after breakups.

Of course feeling bad after a breakup doesn't always mean that you have a self image problem but certainly you have another kind of weakness that is making you feel down. Deal with it and you will feel great.

Lack of self-confidence is the root cause of ninety nine percent of the problems people face in life. Trace any problem you have ever faced to its root and you will find lack of self-confidence to be one of the causes.

Whether it's a break-up or another problem, fixing your self-confidence can probably make it disappear. If the girl in the previous example had been more confident she wouldn’t have needed someone to reassure her of her looks and she may have not fell in love with that person at all

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