How to motivate yourself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to motivate yourself

I wasn't motivated to exercise at all this day but i had to go to the gym.
When i was there i used my Ipod to listen to some motivating music but for some reason the songs had no effect on me.

While listening to the songs that weren't helpful i went along with training and suddenly i managed to lift a heavy weight that i didn't manage to lift before, at this point i found myself becoming more energetic and i started feeling the words of the songs that i was listening to and so i became more motivated!!

What is happening here?
Why did the same songs suddenly have a different effect even though nothing changed?

Motivation starts from within

Listening to a song that repeats certain phrases is the same exactly as repeating affirmations.

According to many researches that were done, affirmations never work until they match your beliefs about yourself. So if you spent the whole day telling yourself that you are motivated while you are not you will never become motivated.In the Solid Self confidence program i pointed out that researches has shown that people who keep repeating self confidence affirmations without being confident end up feeling guilty and less confident.

The key for affirmations to work is to first change your mood and then use the affirmations to reaffirm your current mood.

The motivating music i was listening to never worked because i wasn't motivated from the inside but as soon as i did something that motivated me i started becoming receptive to the songs and i became more motivated.

So how to motivate yourself

If you want to motivate yourself then forget about words, affirmations or day dreams and just take a bold action that can make you become receptive to external sources of motivation.

Consider your brain a radio, you need to first tune it to a certain frequency in order to start receiving the right signal.

Once you are tuned to the motivation frequency all motivating songs, affirmations and inspirational speeches would certainly motivate you.

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