How to motivate yourself to do anything

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to motivate yourself to do anything

As human beings we become motivated when we find a chance to get a possible reward but if the reward we were after seemed to be very distant most people lose motivation and don't feel like completing the task.

For example, if you had to work hard for five years to get promoted you will never be as motivated as you will be if you were told that your performance this month will determine your salary raise next month.

Now the problem that most people face is that rewards aren't usually that close. Knowing that life was designed to suit patient people more, how can impatient people motivate themselves to do something even if the reward was distant?

Motivating yourself to do anything

The solution to this big problem is in fact simple. If you managed to somehow remind yourself of that reward you are after you will certainly remain motivated.

Here is what you need to do in order to always remind yourself of your targets:

  • Visualize your future success: Visualization Is a very good method that can help you keep your goals in front of you all the time and thus prevent you from losing motivation
  • Use a Progress bar: Another very powerful method that can motivate you to do anything is to write down your progress in terms of percentage points. Our minds were designed to get motivated by numbers. If you found that you achieved 11 percent then you will feel like reaching 15 percent and so on.
  • Proper use of media: A third very powerful way to motivate yourself to do anything is the correct use of media. When i used the word media i didn't mean your TV but i meant the songs you listen to, the movies that you watch and even the people that you talk to. The media is a double aged weapon, it can either motivate you or steal your motivation depending on how you are going to use it (see How music affects people moods

I am not motivated to do anything

Sometimes lack of knowledge becomes the root cause for lack of motivation. Do you know what indifference is all about??

Indifference is an emotion that people who have important goals get when they don't have any clue how they can reach their goals.

Another cause for indifference and lack of motivation is not trusting the solution that you currently have for your problem. That's one of the main reasons many people who want to lose weight become indifferent when it comes to diet. Simply because they failed many times before and so started to believe that the diet can't help them anymore.

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I am not motivated to do anything

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