The media and Lack of motivation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The story of an alien

There once was a alien who was sent to earth on a mission to collect information about humans. What helped this alien to be unnoticed is that he looked exactly like humans so it wasn't possible for a human to recognize him.

upon landing on earth the alien hid his space ship in a nearby cave so that no one could see it and then he went onto his mission. Since his mission was too long he started to get closer and closer to humans to the extent that he made many human friends.

After years the alien developed a habit of hanging out everyday and of enjoying his time to the extent that he started to forget about his real mission. As the time passed he forgot more and more about his planet and about his mission.

One day while he was playing a soccer game with his earth friends the wind carried to him a piece of a newspaper.

When he took a look at the paper he was shocked because there was a title on the paper saying that they discovered that another planet had a life that is similar to earth. He suddenly remembered everything and ran away towards his spaceship to report the information he has collected.

the media and the lack of motivation

So you may be wondering, what’s the point of this story?

This story points one of the main elements of motivation, which is keeping an eye on your mission and goals. Sometimes when the journey is too long you may forget why you started it in the first place. To put it in another way, you might lose motivation because you have forgotten how it would feel like to reach your goals.

create your own media

The solution to this problem is very easy. Reminding yourself of your missions can be done using Media. I am not referring to television or newspapers papers but i am talking about your own media,

Your own media could be:

  • A list of goals that you read daily
  • A paper beside your bed containing your mission statement
  • a desktop background that you use
  • the music that you hear
  • Even the videos that you see
  • visualization is another very powerful method that can remind you of your goals. Tts free, fast and can be done anytime and anywhere

So whatever you see, hear or read can be your media. Your media should always remind you of your mission so that you don't forget it.

Don’t get addicted to the wrong type of media because it will brainwash your mind and you will lose motivation as a result.

You will be just like the alien who forgot his goals. Notice that he only woke up after a piece of media came across him accidentally. Don’t live at the mercy of other people’s media but instead Create your own media.

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