ways of motivating employees at the workplace

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why is it important to have motivated employees

Motivation is directly proportional to productivity. Unless your employees are highly disciplined they wont be productive if they were not motivated.

Also unmotivated employees will usually start to seek another job somewhere else. This reduces their sense of belonging to your company and makes them less keen to do their work correctly. After those employees leave your company you will realize that you have lost the training cost that you spent on them.

ways of motivating employees at the workplace

The following are ways of motivating employees at the work place:

  • know their different needs: know the different needs of your employees. each employee have got his own needs that may be much different than the needs of the others. An employee wont get motivated unless you make him realize that his job can help him satisfy one of his important needs. For example people who work for money will never get satisfied by empowerment or promotion compared to increasing their salaries. Type A’s will hate work that consumes a big amount of their precious time , a Type A person may enjoy a boring repetitive task that takes less time compared to a creative task that takes more time. people who work for job satisfaction may not be satisfied by increasing their salaries compared to the satisfaction they will get when having a satisfying job. One of the main tasks of your Human resources department should be assessing the different needs of your employees in order to know how to satisfy them all using the least cost.
  • Properly assign tasks: If the human resources department did a poor job in assigning the right person to the right place then employees may lose motivation. After all someone who is over qualified for a job or who feels that he deserves better than his current position will not be motivated to work.
  • employee appraisal : Employee appraisal is very important, it anchors the the reward the employee gets to his good performance and so it motivates him to do his best. Again appraisal should be done according to the employee's needs and not according to the company policy.
  • meet his expectations: if the employee did something good and expected something in return then got less than what he expected he may lose motivation. Make sure to assess the expectations of your employees in order to satisfy them.
  • provide a way for relief: if your employees work for 8 hours and if you know that it only takes 6 hours to finish their work then what’s the point in disabling chatting programs, web browsing or any other method that provides a relief?
  • some other factors that could prevent motivation of employees there are some other reasons that could prevent motivation of employees like job insecurity, being pessimistic about the future of the company or loss of hope of being promoted or of getting a salary increase. if any of these factors are present then make sure to do your best to get rid of them in order to motivate your employees
  • let them set goals: goals and plans are one of the very strong motivating factors. when your employee feels that he is moving towards achieving a certain goal he may get more motivated. know that an employee should set his own goals else he may not be motivated to achieve a goal that is set to him by someone else.
  • remove other irritating factors : provide good lighting, fast computers and good air conditioners. Although those factors wont increase motivation still their absence could reduce the motivation levels of your employees.

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