self discipline

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Goal setting and self discipline

Whenever goal setting is mentioned you will find that self discipline is mentioned along with it simply because self discipline is one of the skills that you have to have in order to reach your goals.

Without self discipline you won't be able to commit to the important tasks that can help you achieve your goals and so you will never achieve them.

what is self discipline?

self discipline is the ability to control yourself and master your emotions in such a way that you may prevent yourself from doing something that you like for the sake of a future benefit. For example preventing yourself from eating an ice cream now in order to have a good form in the future is an example of self discipline.

Preventing yourself from relaxing and doing nothing in order to go excising and have a good form in the future is another example of self discipline.

self discipline includes having a set of rules and standards that you follow under all circumstances. For example if you decided that you wont smoke then even if you had a very stressful workday and even if you felt like wanting to smoke you must never do it in order to develop self discipline.

Self discipline is one of the most important skills people should consider learning when wanting to break a habit or lose weight. In my book Losing weight without dieting i described how can someone fail to lose weight just because he lacks self discipline and nothing more.

Lack of self discipline is always associated with ill will and lack of motivation, those who manage to lose weight weight successfully and those who manage to break bad habits are people who learned the importance of self discipline.

Self discipline & procrastination

Many people get procrastination wrong. They believe that they can't work or be productive because they are not in the mood or because the right time didn't come yet while in fact self discipline is all about going against your emotions.

Self disciplined people aren't the ones who feel good all the time or the ones who are always in the mood but they are the ones who keep working even though they are not in the mood.

Self discipline and reaching your goals

Life is not rosy and the road towards your goals will usually be bumpy. If you didn't develop a solid self discipline you might find yourself becoming motivated when life treats you well only to lose this motivation when life gives you a hard time.

Develop self discipline by forcing yourself to be productive even in your worst days and you will reach your goals.

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