losing motivation midway

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Losing motivation midway

quitting something midway is a real bad habit. Just remembering how you were motivated at the beginning of your activity may add more to your pain.

If you are a person who starts a new activity with lots of energy then stops midway then don't worry, there are still some things that you can do in order to help yourself end this bad habit.

In this article i will tell you how to stop losing motivation midway.

What to do if you lost motivation midway

One of the things you can do to end this bad habit is splitting down your big project into many small parts. For example suppose you had to finish studying 100 pages for your exam. If you decided to finish those hundred pages without breaking down that goal into small parts you will certainly lose motivation as a result of finding your progress unsatisfactory.

Instead you should divide the quantity into 5 parts for example and then set a goal to complete the five divisions. Whenever you finish 20 pages you will get motivated because you will find that you completed one of your goals.

Another major cause for losing motivation midway is the building of false beliefs. Statements like "I tried so hard but its impossible to achieve something like that" or "in this country or at my age success is impossible" are examples of beliefs that could limit your potential and prevent you from succeeding.

Those beliefs limit your true potential and prevent you from completing the tasks you can actually complete if you didn't have them.

such false beliefs could be formed as a result of trying many times and failing. usually people who form such beliefs are the ones who are not aware that success only happens after certain number of tries and that it doesn't usually happen from the first attempt.

Another common reason for loss of motivation midway is discovering that your goals were not that important as a result of encountering new variables.

Suppose that people told you that you gained weight and that you should work out more in order to be in form. These words could motivate you to exercise but after some time when you regain back your form you may find yourself not motivated to exercise anymore.

Finally media can play a very big role in making you motivated or in draining away your motivation. What I mean by the word media is everything that you watch or hear, starting by the music you like up to the movies you see. Whatever you see or hear gets written into the subconscious mind. The more motivating media you get exposed to the more motivated you will become.

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