Scream at life conditions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I want to scream

Don’t you sometimes feel like wanting to scream?
Don’t you sometimes feel like wanting to go to a hidden place to cry
Don’t you sometimes feel like having a load of emotions that you want to get out?

All of us have experienced such feelings before. All of us know how bad it feels when we find ourselves unable to do something to help ourselves.

But just a second, aren’t there anything that could be done about it? No there is, you just have to redefine the idea of screaming then direct your screams towards your problems.

scream at the unfavorable conditions

Who said you shouldn’t scream? Scream as loud as you can but don’t scream by opening your mouth and getting out sounds. Instead scream by challenging the conditions, scream by taking actions, let each and every move that you take form a part of that scream.

Scream by being eager to help yourself, scream by deciding to increase your self confidence, scream by promising yourself to succeed whatever the conditions are. scream by being persistent, by working harder and by promising yourself to challenge the conditions.

When life bothers you scream by taking actions. Don’t just run to a place where you could physically scream at but just scream by taking actions. Scream at every bad situation that faces you and scream at everything that stands in your way.

Scream by making changes and by promising yourself that you will change your life to the better. Scream by refusing to give in and by never procrastinating.

Scream by getting up now and doing something instead of lying in bed and waiting for a savior to rescue you. Scream by learning new skills and by developing your abilities even more.

Final words

If you kept doing the same actions you do everyday then you will keep getting the results you always used to get. The law of cause and effect states that in order to change something about your life you need to first change the actions that you take.

Many people spend weeks and months feeling bad without ever realizing that nothing will change before they make a change. Actions must come first for the emotions to follow.

The lazy personal development school preaches instant happiness but people who follow this school never get any results. Simply because the world was designed for people who take actions and not for those who wait for happiness to arrive or the the right moment to come. (see also Is it easy to find happiness).

Some people scream by hiding then breaking any object that they find on their way while others scream at the conditions by making changes. My advice to you is to scream at every single situation you face, go now, and the let the world hear your screams.

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