It's not easy to be happy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

It's not easy to be happy

In my article Why can't i find happiness i said that happiness cannot be found in a treasure box but it can only be earned after you fight for it.

I also said that the best way to become really happy is to find out about your unmet childhood needs then work on fulfilling them. Here is a simple example for the sake of the demonstration, If you always felt unloved then certainly finding true love will make you really happy.

When i posted that article on my Facebook Fan page one of the readers responded "Its not easy and its not simple to find happiness"

This reply inspired me to write a special post about that topic. In this article i will tell you whether its easy to be happy or not.

Is it easy to be happy?

Based on the previous definition of happiness i gave it might sometimes take you years to fight until you fulfill your unmet needs. This means that finding happiness is not a simple task right?

Yes that's right but this is not the weird fact. The weird fact is the presence of people out there who assume that they can achieve something as precious as happiness while lying in bed or day dreaming!

Most people want to get the best things out of life without paying for them. Can you go to a super market and pick whatever you want then leave without paying anything?

After all collecting money to pay for your merchandise is not simple right?
Of course you can't do that and because happiness is much more precious than these simple merchandise you want to buy you must never assume that you will get it without doing anything!!

Lets suppose that you saw a Ferrari parked somewhere and then when you asked about its price someone told you that it costs 200 thousand dollars, will replying by saying that its not cheap be a rational reply?

Of course not, because its a Ferrari and you should never ever assume that you will find one for 10,000 dollars. If you said that 200 thousand is very expensive then you don't understand what a Ferrari is.

happiness is like a Ferrari, its very expensive and if you want it then you must pay for it.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that many people wait for the white knight to save them from their bad moods because they were taught by movies that life can become amazing by doing nothing and that's why those people remain sad forever.

Why do people say that its not easy to find happiness?

Most of the people who say this fact don't say it because they understand happiness but its rather their own way of admitting that they don't want to do any hard work!!

There are two types of people in this world. Those who make excuses and those who make achievements. When i asked the person who wrote the comment whether she read the article to the end or not she replied saying:

"No Farouk , i just saw the title how to find happiness"

So if you don't want to even do a task as simple as reading an article then how do you want to ever be happy?

Life doesn't serve lazy people but instead It was designed for doers. No one ever said that happiness and success are extremely easy and that they can be achieved overnight so don't use the "its not easy to find happiness" excuse to escape from the responsibility.

Happiness is precious , its not easy to find it but its worth all the effort you are going to do until you achieve it.

Life is not simple, its full of problems and hard times however those who fight back manage to get what they want while those who say that "life is not easy" or that "its not easy to find happiness" remain where they are forever because their sayings were just excuses.

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