How to be the happiest person on the planet

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be the happiest person on the planet

Sounds like a weird title huh?
Can someone be the happiest person on the planet?
The answer in one word is YES.

I am not writing about something i read about somewhere nor i am writing about a goal that i am yet to achieve but i am writing about something that i have already been through years ago.

I managed to be one of the happiest persons on the planet few years ago. I didn't do that through a temporary fix or some kind of a drug but i actually lived like that for five complete years.

I am not a superman or a superhero because if i was one it would have been pointless to write an article to tell you how you can be the happiest person on the planet as well.

I just understood perfectly what does happiness mean and that's why i managed to bring it. The aim of this article is to tell you how to do the same exactly so give me your ears and absorb every word in it very well.

This is how to be the happiest person on the planet:

This is how you can be the happiest person on the planet:

  • Understand your own unmet needs perfectly: When you understand your most important unmet needs you will easily be able to figure out the direction that you must follow in life in order to be happy (see Unmet needs psychology). If you don't like something about yourself then one of your goals must be changing it, if you hate the fact that you are poor then one of the things you must do in life is to become rich and if you hate the fact that people bully you then you must master martial arts to knock them down the next time they attempt to bully you
  • True happiness is the realization of such goals Once you manage to fulfill ALL the important life goals that stem from your major unmet needs then you will be one of the happiest persons on the planet. Most people understood happiness incorrectly when they tried to put a general rule for it forgetting that each and every person has his own unmet needs that need to be fulfilled in a different way in order for him to be really happy
  • Is it easy?: No its not. I am against the "you can become happy right now school once you decide" because its based on nonsense. Real happiness comes after fighting for what you believe in and achieving it. Real happiness comes when you find yourself living your dreams while being awake. Its hard, it requires tremendous effort but its worth every moment you spend fighting for it.(see The secret to happiness)

How does being one of the happiest people on the planet feel like

As soon as you wake up you will find yourself recalling good events and smiling. When you start walking you will find your back stretched like it was never before.

You will feel that you are really tall. You will always be full of excitement and you will find yourself cracking jokes all the time. You will feel the pressure of your leg stepping firmly on the ground crushing whatever is beneath your foot.

You will find yourself walking with wide steps as if you are jogging. You will start to worry about one thing in your life, the fear of becoming arrogant.

You will be amazed whenever you hear people say that something cannot be done and you wont be able to understand how can some people think negatively. For you negative thinking will be mystery because you wont be able to figure out how people manage to get such negative thoughts.

That's how exactly it feels like to be one of the happiest persons on the planet.
Are you wondering how i managed to collect all of these details?

The answer is simple.
I lived like that. I have been there
I managed to be one of the happiest people on this planet for 5 years and you can do the same as i did.

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