how i reached my goals

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how i reached my goals

One of the readers sent me a message telling me that he has no friends, he is very shy, he is broke and that he is not successful in any life area.

I replied back to that friend telling him that my life was no different than his life few years ago. Nowadays i am not saying that i am the most successful person in the world but i can proudly say that i have accomplished 90% of my dreams and made them a reality while i am still in my 20s. These goals were really big, one of them was becoming a self made millionaire in my 20s and its one of the goals i already completed.

I decided to write an article to tell you how i reached my goals so that you can follow my footsteps and make your dreams true as well.

This is how i reached my goals

10 years back my life was so different. I had no friends, i was a loner, i was extremely shy, i had no self confidence and i simply had nothing. I cant recall one good thing i had more than being a kind and a religious person.

One day ,and i remember that day very well, I looked through the window at the sunset and imagined how i could have a different future, How i can be rich, confident, popular and successful.

It was that moment that made me reach these goals years later. It was the birth of a big dream.

There is nothing on earth that can motivate you to reach your life goals more than a big dream that you want so badly. If you don't have a dream right now then quickly take sometime to find one because its going to be the fuel that will keep you going until you reach your goals.

Was reaching my goals easy?

Reaching my goals wasn't easy at all. I had real bad days. I went through severe depression for 2 years and that's where i learned all what i know about depression today.

I had days where i wished that i die and had days where i thought that there is no hope in reaching my goals.

So you might be wondering, what kept me going forward during that time?
I had a symbol that i used to draw that reminded me of all of the dreams i had. Whenever i looked at that symbol i remembered the reasons i am fighting for and as a result my energy got recharged.

Looking at that symbol reminded me of the most precious thing i ever had at that time, my dream.

Whenever life gave me a hard time, whenever i failed or whenever i found myself so far from reaching my goals i used to look at that symbol and it used to give me all the energy i needed to keep going.

How to reach your goals

If you want to reach your goals then you must first have a big dream. You must visualize the kind of life you want to live 2,3 or 5 years from now.

After you find out your dream its time to create that symbol that will remind you of it whenever you need. Put that symbol everywhere, above your bed, above your desk, in your wallet and in your car.

Put that symbol in all places that you come across so that you recall your dreams all the time.

If you did these two steps i can reassure you that you will reach your goals. Yes the road isn't going to be easy and yes you will go through hard times but in the end whatever you visualized in your mind will become a part of your reality few years later.

I did it, i achieved my goals and you can do it as well.

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