How to talk with confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to talk with confidence

How to approach people with confidence?
And how to talk in a confident way?

Many people send me questions telling me that they can't talk with confidence and that they shake around strangers especially the opposite sex. As a response to these questions i decided to write this article to tell those people how to talk with confidence.

I have said earlier that the mind can be programmed to believe in new beliefs provided that it finds no opposing beliefs (see Subconscious mind programming).

When people meet a new person they might prejudge him but in the same time they will wait for any input that comes from him that can help them change this idea they formed about him.

Its the same as subconscious mind programming but in this case people get programmed by what this new comer says. If that new comer talked with confidence then people will quickly change the impression they formed of him (if it was negative) and form new beliefs about him.

This is how to talk with confidence

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people who have a high self confidence program the minds of listeners to believe in them.

The first impression people form of you will vary greatly if you talked with confidence. Compare this to the horrible impression you might leave if you were shaky or unsure of yourself. I know you might not be able to control the impression people form of you in the first few seconds but you can greatly control the impression you leave after wards.

So up until now you know that the way you talk can help you program people's mind but the question is, how can you talk with confidence?

In order to know how to talk with confidence you need to ask yourself the question the other way around. Why don't you talk with confidence?

Its because you are afraid that people judge you incorrectly, reject you or get you wrong, right?

But since the impression they form of you depends greatly on your level of confidence then it makes a lot of sense to talk with confidence from the beginning!!

Talking with confidence, the Egg vs the chicken

When you talk with confidence people change the impression they formed of you and believe that you are confident.

When you talk while being shaky because you are afraid that people form a bad impression of you then people will only confirm the bad beliefs they had about you!

In short you need to break the cycle by talking with confidence with disregard to your worries about people judging you and the result will be positive most of the time.

Note that i am not asking you to deceive yourself but instead i am asking you to take the necessary actions that can make you feel good about yourself.

Once you feel good about yourself you will talk with confidence and as a result people will form a good impression of you.

Here is a summary of what you need to do in order to talk with confidence:

  • 1) Find out what you don't like about yourself and change it
  • 2) Once you feel good about yourself you will talk with confidence
  • 3) People will be programmed to form a positive impression of you

In sort, Self confidence comes from within!

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