5 ways to feel good about yourself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling good about yourself

Everyone knows that in order for someone to feel good about himself he needs to build self esteem. Everyday millions of people try to feel good about themselves using different ways such as repeating affirmations, setting goals and achieving them or even using hypnosis to build self esteem but most of them fail.

The reason most people fail to feel good about themselves is that they take the wrong path by either following an incorrect advice or by applying a correct advice in a wrong way.

In this post i will tell you about the five most effective advice that can help you feel good about yourself that i came across during the 11 years i spent studying psychology.

5 ways to feel good about yourself

If you can't feel good about yourself or if you believe that you were following incorrect advice then try these ones:

  • 1) Feeling good about yourself by impressing it: Most people try to build self esteem the wrong way. They always learn new skills in order to impress people, gain approval then feel good about themselves as a result. The problem with this method is that it works as long as people don't reject you, criticize you or treat you in a bad way. The right way to feel good about yourself is to impress your own subconscious mind by doing the things that you always failed to do. If for example you never manage to approach strangers then nothing can make you feel good about yourself than learning how to do it
  • 2) Why goal setting didn't help you Set goals and achieve them is one of the most common misunderstood advice for building self esteem. If you are a very successful person in your career but you have problems with your social life then you can hardly feel good about yourself by achieving anymore goals related to your career. In such a case the right way to feel good about yourself is to set goals that can help you improve your social life and achieve them. That's the reason why many successful people lack self confidence in some life areas
  • 3) Clean up the mess to feel good about yourself: Sometimes a person tries to do his best to build self esteem yet find that his efforts are yielding no results. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that if another problem was the reason behind your lack of self confidence such as shyness, inferiority complex or perfectionism then you might not be able to feel good about yourself before dealing with such a problem. That's why affirmations usually fail to help people to feel good about themselves. If you want a permanent mood change then do a permanent fix
  • 4) Quick fixes don't work : There are no quick fixes that can help you feel good about yourself. If you don't believe me then bookmark this page and try every possible quick fix you find such as the instant hypnosis for confidence method, the super powerful affirmations that can make you feel confident in 2 days and the magical spell that can make you feel good about yourself. Once you discover that none of these work come back here to know what really works
  • 5) Understand the superman theory: One of the main reasons many people never feel good about themselves is that they perceive others in an incorrect way. They think of other people as superior beings who are attractive, successful and happy without realizing that other people are only ordinary human beings who have many flaws that might not be apparent to them because of their incorrect perception. Before studying psychology i used to think that a celebrity or a famous person is a super man but later on i came to discover that those are just humans with flaws. Think that way and you will feel good about yourself in the company of superman himself

The wrong way to feel good about yourself

Many people seek wrong ways to feel good about themselves such as getting into a relationship. People who get into relationships just to raise their self esteem usually end up feeling worthless after a breakup.

The moral of the story is simple, depend on a variable to feel good about yourself and you will lose your confidence as soon as this variable changes.

Of course those were not the only ways that can help you feel good about yourself but there are many other ones. Follow the links below to know more and let me know your feedback :)

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