How to become confident

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become confident

The internet is already loaded with self confidence building tips to the extent that the search for any key phrase containing the words self confidence yields millions of results.

When you examine most of these tips you will find them mentioning positive thinking, affirmations, treating yourself well and accepting yourself. While these concepts can bring some benefit if used correctly still they can never help you become confident if used on their own.

Had affirmations or positive thinking been the key to building self confidence life would have been much easier and no one would have suffered from lack of confidence, but the truth is that becoming self confident requires a deeper understanding of the human mind instead of just depending on superficial techniques that would never help.

What is self confidence?

In order to understand what self confidence really is we need to take a look inside the minds of confident people.

Confident people believe that they are talented, skilled, ready to face life challenges and special. While a normal person would be thinking about different things the confident person would be obsessed with his great skills and abilities.

A confident person has an automatic affirmations system that keeps reminding him that he is unique and special. Contrary to normal affirmations, which depends on fooling the subconscious mind into believing something that is not true, confident people remind themselves of already existing facts and that's why they feel good about themsleves.

Confident people believe that they are winners and they believe in the way they handle different life challenges.

Life challenges and lack of self confidence

The main reason a person could lack self confidence is finding himself unable to deal with life challenges in an appropriate way.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that if you feel defeated, unskilled, helpless, unloved or desperate then you would never feel confident about yourself.

In short, Self confidence is the result of the set of beliefs you have about your own ability to face life problems and challenges. If you failed to face life challenges then you will never be able to feel confident.

The right way to become confident

Here is the right way that can help you become really confident:

  • Know why you lack confidence: Why do you think you are worthless? is it because you can't make friends? did you fail to achieve your goals? do you feel defeated? understanding the reasons that are preventing you from becoming confident is the first step to building self confidence
  • Determine the skills that you lack: After you know the things that you lack find out what are the necessary skills that you need to learn in order to be able to respond to life challenges in a better way. For example if making friends was your problem then learning social skills is the key to becoming confident
  • Apply your skills: Apply your skills many times and your subconscious mind will start to notice that you are improving and it will make you feel confident. ( see convincing your subconscious mind that you are worthy)

The conclusion is simple, in order to become confident you must learn the missing skills and apply them until you develop faith in your ability to face life. Day dreaming, positive thinking and affirmations will never do any good for you.

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