Signs of low self esteem

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Signs of low self esteem

People with low self esteem believe that there is something wrong with them and believe that they are less worthy than their peers.

Because of believing that they are somehow different they focus on all clues that support their beliefs and discard all the ones that can prove the opposite. This results in strengthening their false beliefs and so makes them eager to hide their flaws.

People who have low self esteem always try to hide or stay in the shadows so that no one notices their imagined flaws. In this article I will tell you about the signs of low self esteem or the way those people try to hide their flaws.

There is something wrong about me

  • Fear of making mistakes: People who have low self esteem fear to make mistakes in front of others and feel really embarrassed if that happened. For them making a mistake will bring them into attention and people might start to notice their flaws.
  • Do everything perfectly: People with low self esteem try to do everything perfectly so that they stay unnoticed, they believe that if they appeared to be perfect no one will notice their underlying flaws
  • Feel anxious around others: People with low self esteem fear to be judged and that’s one of the main reasons they feel anxious around people especially strangers.
  • Can’t tolerate criticism: Criticism is a straight forward reminder of a person’s flaws, because people who have low self esteem believe that they are inadequate they hate criticism because it reminds them of their already existing flaws.
  • build protective shields: Some of those who have low self esteem try to inflate their own worth and importance by creating a shield of arrogance. This shield in most cases is a cover for a low self esteem

How to build self confidence?

Its clear from the previous signs that lack of self confidence is the result of believing that there is something wrong with you. In the Solid Self confidence program I explained how the main reason people lack self confidence is the false beliefs they have formed about themselves in the past.

The only way to feel confident once again is to learn how to get rid of these false beliefs and acquire new ones. If the previous signs matched your behavior then its time to take serious steps to get rid of such beliefs so that you can enhance your self esteem.

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