Why do people judge me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people judge me

It feels bad when someone judges you incorrectly especially when he knows little about you. Some people judge others and believe that their judgment is correct while in fact it has nothing to do with reality.

Some of the people who are judged negatively by others feel bad about themselves and believe that there is something wrong with them, this results in a low self confidence and poor self esteem.

If people’s judgment affect you badly then read this article and you will discover that most of these judgments are completely incorrect and are based on nothing but wild guesses.

Why do people judge others

  • The human mind was designed to fill gaps: People assume the intentions of others when they lack information and this leads to incorrect judgment most of the time
  • Our past influence the way we judge others for example if a woman was betrayed by a man she might assume that any man who acts in a suspicious way is a cheater. Though the man was innocent the woman’s past forced her to judge him negatively (see My past is haunting me)
  • We relate people’s looks to their personalities If you met an arrogant person in the past then saw someone who looks like him then you might assume that they both have the same personality traits and this will lead to incorrect judgment
  • We believe that others are like us if someone lies all the time he will find it hard to believe others because he will think that everybody is a liar and so he will judge them incorrectly
  • Our beliefs affects our judgment if someone thinks that all rich people are thieves then he will think that you are a thief the moment he sees your expensive car. False beliefs are a big source of Poor judgment
  • Stereotyping highly affects people’s judgments anybody who has certain stereotypes defined in his brain might judge someone incorrectly based on his looks, race, gender...etc

You shouldn’t feel bad when people judge you

In the Solid Self confidence program i tell people that they should never feel bad when someone judges them because of the previous reasons.

After all if people make biased judgments based on their own belief systems then this means that most of the time their judgment will be incorrect.

"Only you can judge you" A fact

Just as you feel bad when people judge you you should also learn how to put your belief system aside when judging people and not to make any conclusions before you gather enough information.

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