How to make people respect me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make people respect me

This article is part II of my article how to make people respect you where I explained how appearing to be authoritative can help you gain respect by other people.

In this article I will talk about general behavioral mistakes that we all make and that can slowly erode the respect people have towards us over time.

People’s respect can't be gained overnight or in a short while but it takes some time. As you might have heard before respect is not found, it is earned and earning it requires a lot of hard work and patience.

How to gain people’s respect

The following list of actions will surely make people respect you:

  • Do something special: You don’t have to be a super hero to be respected these days but you must do something that others didn't manage to do. If you searched your mind for the people you respect you will find that some of them has done extraordinary achievements (at least from your point of view) and you will find that in the same time they treat people well. As humans we might not want to see other people become better than us but when we see someone who has done something extraordinary and in the same time treats us nicely then we will surely respect him
  • Never Beg anyone for anything: If you want something from someone then there is no problem with asking for it but never beg him. As humans we tend to think of those who beg us as people who are weaker than us and thus its becomes very hard to respect them.
  • Never be needy: Whether you need emotional support, someone you love, a job, money or anything never show people that you need that thing that much. Some people might not become affected if they saw a needy person but most of them will look down upon him. Showering people with requests, phone calls or questions will only let them devalue you and you will never get the respect you want. Even if you are in need ask for things as if you don’t need them while being polite.
  • Stand your ground: We are all humans and we all face hard times but even if there is no problem with screaming, crying or acting miserable still never do these things in front of people. Even when you receive a big shock do your best to stand your ground, act calm and you will gain more respect (see How to gain power and influence)
  • Learn marketing!!: before I learned marketing I used to think that the main use for marketing was to sell products, now I know that reputation, public image and respect can be sold too!! Learn how to market yourself,position yourself in people’s minds, spread your competitive advantage and to viral market yourself in between groups.
  • Have a story to tell: if you checked my about page you will get what I mean by have a story to tell. I am not saying by any means that I deserve people’s respect for writing 7 books at the age of 26 nor getting 600,000 monthly visits to my site but I am sure that such stories have a big psychological effect on a big group of people. Stories spread like fire, can make you popular and in many cases a good story will help you gain people’s respect.
  • Respect yourself: You can hardly make others respect you if you lack respect for yourself. in my article how to gain self respect I explained how keeping the promises you give to yourself, adhering to your own values and not escaping from battles can help you gain self respect

final words about making people respect you

Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes some time to learn a new behavior, to get used to it and to let people notice it. As your stories go around and as your marketing messages reach their destinations you will gain people’s respect.

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