5 Ways to be happy in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What are the ways to be happy in life?

How can someone be happy in life?
What is the right way to become happy with your life?

The problem with finding happiness in life is that most people are mislead by the advice they read because they are usually written to match the beliefs of the writer and not the readers.

Let me give you a little example, if i was a selfish person then i read somewhere that the only way to find real happiness in life is to give i would find the advice ridiculous not because its incorrect but because people are different.

A person who is desperately looking for love and can't find it will certainly write that the best way to become happy in life is to find a loving partner, not because this is true but because he is writing according to his own view of the world.

That's why i decided to write this post to tell you about the right way to be happy with your life not according to my perspective but according to what really works.

5 Ways for becoming happy in life

  • 1)Happiness and your unmet needs: Each one of us has few important unmet needs such as the need for love, the need for success ...Etc. If you were to understand your own unmet needs then work towards fulfilling them you will certainly be able to feel happy about your life. When it comes to finding happiness what works for a person won't work for another because we have different unmet needs

  • 2) Unwanted emotions and finding happiness: One of the most effective ways to become happy in life is to get rid of unwanted emotions. Lets suppose that your job is full of stress and that you work 5 days a week. In such a case if you didn't learn how to deal with stress your life will be sad. Happiness is the absence of bad emotions and one powerful way to stay happy for a long period of time is to make sure that your life has few of these unwanted emotions
  • 3) The way to stay happy: If i was asked about the number one reason that prevents people from living a happy life i would say that its unsolved problems. Each one of us has many of them and the fastest way to become happy in life is to start working on them as soon as you can. You don't have to solve all your problems in order to find happiness in life because as soon as you start working on them you will feel really good
  • 4)Temporary fixes don't work: Many people try to find quick ways to find happiness such doing something new, traveling or even getting into a relationship. While these things are not bad at all still they are only temporary fixes that will lose their effect shortly. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how people fail to get rid of bad moods and depression because they never tackle the root cause and only focus on quick fixes.The right way to be happy is to work on permanent fixes that will allow you to stay happy for the longest possible period of time.
  • 5) Self understanding and happiness: Many people aren't even aware of the reasons they are feeling bad nor they have any clue about the way that can make them happy. In such a case i strongly advice those people to learn more about self understanding. Not knowing what you should do in order to become happy will certainly leave you feeling sad

Ways to be happy with yourself

Lack of self esteem, poor self image problems and self doubts are among the most common reasons that can prevent you from being happy with yourself.

The right way to be happy with yourself is to find out these flaws and personal defects that you hate about yourself then start on changing them one by one.

Again you don't have to change everything in order to be happy but as soon as you start working on a solution you will feel better.

Final words about ways that lead to happiness in life

Contrary to common beliefs there is no one to feel happy right now, there is no way to feel happy without tackling your life problems and there is no way you can become happy instantly without doing some hard work.

Each one of us is a different case, a person might need to make certain achievements in order to become happy, another one might need to fix something about his personality before he can become happy while the third might need to give up a certain bad habit before he can feel happy about himself.

If someone told you that there is one way that leads to happiness know that he is describing the world according to his own perspective.

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