What causes selfishness (The psychology of selfishness)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

what causes selfishness

"Selfish people are weak and are haunted by the fear of loss of control"

Selfishness is putting your goals, priorities and needs first before everyone else even those who are really in need.

Buy what makes people selfish?
Why do some people give away everything that others need while some never do it?
Is selfishness the result of self love?

The truth about selfishness

Selfishness is sign of weakness, the selfish person fears to give some of his time, money or effort to others because he is afraid of the consequences that might happen on making such a sacrifice.

The person who is always busy and who never gives few minutes of his time to the people in need is actually afraid of wasting his time because of believing that he has no control over his life. When that person gives away some of his time he feels insecure because of not being sure whether he will succeed in completing his own tasks or not.

If that person didn’t fear to lose control of his life or if he was confident enough to believe that giving five minutes away won’t hurt his progress then he wouldn’t have been selfish.

Selfishness and unmet goals

All of us have dreams and goals but some of us believe that they might not be able to reach them and that’s why they save all of their resources to themselves just to ease some of the insecurity they are feeling.

Lots of selfish people have big unmet needs which make them feel insecure and the result is being afraid to give anything away not to remind themselves of their lack of control over their lives.

How to get over selfishness?

1) Understand that in most cases selfishness is weakness.
2) Learn how to feel confident about your plans, goals, dreams and meeting your needs so that you can give without feeling afraid.
3) Build more self confidence in dealing with your own life problems so that you get rid of the fear of loss of control

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