I dont know how to be happy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I dont know how to be happy

I dont know how to be happy
I dont know what should i do in order to feel good
I dont know what can make me happy

Do these phrases sound familiar? I bet they do. I get tons of mails from people who tell me that they don't know how to be happy or that they are depressed without knowing why.

If this is not the first article you read about happiness in 2knowmyself then most probably by now you know that happiness is the state the person reaches when he manages to satisfy the unmet needs he developed in his past (see Unmet needs psychology).

Because these unmet needs differ from one person to another there is no general formula for happiness unlike many people believe. Meditation, religion, money, fame..etc are all things that can make certain categories of people feel happy and not everyone.

If you don't know how to be happy then read this article and you will know.

Do this if you don't know how to be happy

If you don't know how to be happy then imagine that you found a magical lamp with a Ginnie in it. If that Ginnie can give you everything thing that you ask for except happiness itself what are you going to ask him to bring you?

Take your time answering this question because answering it correctly will certainly guide you to the things that can make you happy in life.

When someone tells me that he doesn't know how to be happy or that he feels depressed without knowing why i usually ask him to imagine that he have magic powers and that he can change anything about his life in seconds and then i ask him about the things he would want to change with these powers.

The answer in both cases gives the person clues about the things he must do in order to be happy. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression is nothing more than a state of loss of hope towards getting what you really wanted in life.

Knowing what you really want in life is the first step to getting over depression and finding happiness.

Not knowing how to be happy

Finding happiness is so simple. you just need to find these important unmet needs you have then fight hard until you manage to satisfy the most important ones.

The reason many people don't know how to be happy is that they have misconceptions about happiness. Those people think that they can become happy overnight or that they can find happiness somewhere.

Happiness can't be found but it can be acquired after you fight bravely to change the things that you dislike about your life and to get the things that you really want. (see What is real courage)

A friend of mine doesn't know how to be happy. His career is messed up, his relationships are messed up, his body shape is messed up yet he claims that mediation will make him happy. (see How to find true happiness in life)

Meditation, energy, positive thinking or even superman himself will never make my friend happy simply because his life is messed up!! The only way my friend can
become happy is to understand that he can't depend on quick fixes to feel happy and then to fight hard to change his life to the better.

If you ever found yourself saying that you don't know how to become happy then ask yourself that question "Did i get happiness wrong?"

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