what is real courage

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is real courage

What is real courage?
You might think that i am going to talk about facing your enemies, not running from battles and standing your ground in a war but in fact that's not what i am going to talk about at all.

While people who do so are considered really brave still most of us will never get a chance to fight in a battle or to go for war.

So what is real courage and what should a person do in order to be considered brave?

This is real courage

John and Aaron were brothers living in the same house. Since their early childhood they were constantly pressured because of the financial crises their family was facing. After they grew up both had a deep feeling of financial insecurity.

Under the overwhelming effect of these intense emotions, john who wasn't brave became an alcoholic. Aaron on the other hand had real courage. He decided to get rid of his financial insecurities by becoming rich.

The story doesn't tell us whether Aaron became rich or not but without doubt he had real courage while his brother was a coward.

Do you know what real courage is? its not escaping from your problems or even trying to solve them in a way that harms the society.

John could have gotten over his financial insecurity by becoming a thief but even if he has managed to do it that way he would still have been considered a coward.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that Courageous people are the ones who face their problems and try to solve them without escaping or without taking an unethical path.

More examples of real courage

Two brothers who were raised in an abusive home lost their self confidence. The coward became socially withdrawn, isolated himself from people and occupied himself with other things while the one who had real courage started reading about self help in order to restore his confidence.

Two people didn't like their body shape. The coward started avoiding social situations while the brave one became a gym addict.

Two people failed to start a business for the second time. The coward became fearful of taking risks and claimed that life is unfair while the one who had real courage kept trying to reach his goal.

Real courage is about choosing not to run , not to lie to yourself, not to form false beliefs about the world and to stand your ground no matter what.

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