How to develop courage

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to develop courage

How can a person develop courage?
and Who are the brave people?
Are they the ones who never run from fights?
Are they the ones who express their opinions without fear?
Or are they the ones who don't fear the other things that other people fear?

While all of these are signs of courage and bravery still a brave person is not the one who does all that but he is the one who dares to face with courage the things that others spend their whole lives running from.

If you want to know who are the real brave people and how to develop courage then read this article.

People who didn't develop courage

Some people become addicted to drugs because they use them as a method to escape from their unsolved problems, had those people had some courage they would have chosen to face problems instead of hiding from them.

Some people smoke whenever they feel anxious in order to feel in control

Some people lie to themselves by claiming that life is unfair not to hurt their egos by saying that they didn't try hard enough. Had those people had more courage they would have decided to face the truth instead of living a lie.

Some people keep themselves busy, travel or try to do something new in order to escape from a bad mood instead of facing it and trying to understand it

Some people escape from their problems by eating, shopping,drinking alcohol, getting involved into a bad habit ,sleeping or even getting into a relationship. Had any of them had more courage he would have never escaped that way.

So who are brave people?
Brave people are the ones who don't run
Brave people are the ones who face their life problems instead of escaping using any of the previous escapement methods

Brave people are the ones who don't run to drugs or any kind of addiction ,even if its harmless such as love addiction, when life gives them a hard time.

So how to really develop courage

In order to develop courage you need to do the following:

  • Stop lying to yourself: The first hing you need to do in order to develop courage is to admit that you have been lying to yourself in order to protect your ego. Life is unfair, cest la vie and no one can get everything he wants in life are all examples of lies you were using to protect your ego
  • Break down the defense lines: If you are escaping your problems by using drugs, alcohol, smoking, shopping or even relationships then its time to give up this escapement method and to be brave enough to face your problems in order to develop courage.
  • Start working on a soloution: Now that you became brave enough to tear down your defenses and to look your problems straight in the eye its time to find a soloution for these problems

This is how to develop courage
Whether you managed to solve them or not
You are now among the bravest people alive
while everyone is running in the other direction and escaping using his own favorite escapement method you were moving in the other direction towards your problems.

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