Why do people commit crime psychology

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people commit crime psychology

Why do people commit crimes and what's the psychology behind it?
Why would someone kill a stranger without stealing anything from him or without even knowing him?

When looking at some of the crimes people commit it might first appear that those who did them are psychotics but when trying to understand the psychology of the criminal the crime starts to make a lot of sense.

Contrary to common beliefs people who commit crimes don't do it based on nonsense but they do it for reasons that are completely logical, at least from their own point of view.

In this article i will let you know why people commit crimes and the psychology of criminals.

Understanding the psychology of people who commit crime

So what's the psychology of people who commit crimes?

Every human behavior is done to serve a certain important psychological goal including the crimes people commit. What seems irrational from the outside like a crime is actually an attempt to do something completely rational like reaching a certain psychological goal.

For example If a child felt inferior during his childhood then there is a big possibility that he will strive for superiority as an adult.

Now what if that child didn't manage to achieve his goal using the normal ways such as academic or financial success? At this point he might decide to become superior by being dangerous or in other words by becoming a criminal.

so the first thing you need to know about the psychology of people who commit crimes is that they are trying to achieve psychological balance through a short cut because they didn't manage to go through the normal way.

This interpretation of the psychology of people who commit crime is not yet complete because not every person who fails to achieve his goals turn into a criminal but only those who lack social interest.

Social interest is developed as a result of correct parenting and as a result of being raised in a healthy house where both the father and the mother are loving and cooperative. Children who don't learn how to cooperate and who fail to develop social interests are at high risk of becoming criminals provided that they failed to achieve their psychological balance using the socially acceptable methods.

Understanding the psychology of the people who commit crime

The goal of achieving superiority is among the most popular psychological reasons that motivates many people to commit crimes. The criminal usually attacks weak victims who are unarmed in order to be in control and to feel superior.

Some criminals commit stealing crimes just to prove to themselves that they are smarter than the police and that they can't get caught. Again that's another attempt to maintain psychological balance by committing a crime.

Before we can understand the psychology of people who commit crime it will be impossible to reform them. After all if someone wants to become superior and you started taking his goal from him by attempting to reform him he will certainly ignore you.

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