How to deal with people who steal from you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to deal with people who steal from you

How to deal with people who steal from you?
and What can you do if you discovered that a close friend is stealing from you?

Just like any other abnormal trait, stealing can be explained easily once you get a good understanding of the person's background, childhood experiences and unmet needs.

If the person who steals from you is someone important to you then before you can accuse him or punish him you need to get a deeper understanding of his psychological drives so that you can help him.

In this article i will tell you how to deal with people who steal from you especially if they were close ones.

Dealing with people who steal from you

In my previous article what make a child steal i said that each person steals for a completely different reason that the other.

A person might steal from you because of believing that you are not giving him fair treatment, because of wanting to get attention or even because he is jealous of you.

Now the first thing you must do in order to deal with the person who steals from you is to determine the main psychological drives behind his actions. Talk to him freely and let him express his hidden feelings.

If this wasn't possible then you might want to let a third person whom he trusts speaks to him so that he can open up easily. Determining the reason that is making that person steal from you is crucial for helping him.

How to help the person who steals from you

Lets suppose that you discovered that the person was stealing from you because of jealousy. At this point you can either treat him well so that his jealousy feelings ease or help him achieve his goals in life so that he doesn't feel jealous of you anymore.

If the person is stealing from someone else other than you like for example if your child is stealing from his friends then again you must talk to him to determine the drives behind his feelings.

Once you get to know these reasons helping him stop this bad habit wont be hard.
Stealing is really bad and the person who steals from you might be feeling very guilty because of that and that's why you should help the person get over this bad habit quickly instead of allowing the problem to grow.

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