How to prevent stealing

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to prevent stealing

Psychology can help you deal with many of the life situations you face in a better way. Psychology can help you in preventing your stuff from being stolen and can make it less likely for you to get robbed.

After all the person who steals your stuff is just a human being who has feelings, emotions and certain weaknesses. If you were able to understand that person better and to exploit some of his weaknesses you will be able to keep him away.

Watch your back

Research has found that people who walk with straight backs are less likely to get robbed.

This happens because the straight back gives the robber an impression that the person is confident and in control thus reduces the robber's desire to rob him.

When you straighten your back you will also feel more in control and this will be reflected on the way you walk which will further give an impression of confidence to the person watching you.

A straight back can also help you feel better and have a more positive attitude. Just try to keep your back straight for 10 minutes and you will feel the effect yourself.

A straight back can also increase the chance of making someone fall in love with you, in my book how to make someone fall in love with you I described how can a straight back increase the chances of making people admire you and how it can make you more appealing.

Stealing and facing obstacles

It was found that thieves aim for the easiest possible target. It was found that even if a thief was on his way back home without intending to steal something and then he found an easy prey he is very less likely to leave it.

Now the question is, what makes a target appear to be an easy one?
The answer is simple, the more obstacles the thief finds the more discouraged he becomes to steal from you.

For example, thieves might not try to approach a car that has an alarm system because of believing that its harder to steal.

Based on this fact we can conclude that If you parked your car in a dark place where no people walk around then it will become more appealing to the thief and so you could become a potential target.

Stealing the most appealing

Do you know that sometimes a whole car gets stolen just because a mobile phone was left on the seat? It was found that thieves become encouraged by bonus items that they can get in addition to the thing that they plan to steal.

A small bag that is left on the front seat may have a big effect on the thief's stealing appetite. when he sees a small bag on the front seat his imagination will be unleashed and he might start to think that there is some kind of a big reward inside that small bag thus becomes encouraged to steal the whole car.

never leave small items inside the car because this encourages people to steal the whole car thus making you a potential target.

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