Loss of a close person, friend or family member.

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

loss of a close person, friend or family member

I can't by any means underestimate the feelings you are currently experiencing. Every normal human being will feel really bad if he lost a close person, friend, family member or even a pet.

However there are things that are known to be very effective in helping you feel better after experiencing such a loss and i am going to tell you about them in this article.

If you lost a close person don't suppress your emotions

we were incorrectly taught that crying is shameful and that it means that the person is not strong however that's not true. Crying and other forms of experiencing your emotions release chemicals in your body than can help you feel better.

As long as you can express your emotions in a way that won't harm others then go for it.

Unfinished business and loss of a close person

One of the things that can really make you feel better after losing a close person a friend or a family member is to find whether you are feeling guilty because of something that you should have done for him or not.

For example if someone used to treat his mother in a bad way and then she passed away he might experience guilt which adds to his bad mood. In such a case doing good things for her even after she has passed away can make him feel better.

If you believe in religion then certainly praying for her will help you reduce your guilt. If you can mention her often in front of people and talk about how great she was then certainly that's another thing that will ease your bad feelings.

depression and loss of a close person

A loss of a close person is one of the things that can bring depression. Even though it may hurt a lot to think that this is irreversible still acceptance is the only way for fast recovery.

Once you realize that we are all going to die one day and start to accept this fact you will recover faster. Believing in afterlife is one of the things that can provide the strongest support to pull you together after losing someone close. Of course i am not asking you to escape to such beliefs just to ease your pain but if you already believe in them then it makes a lot of sense to strengthen them now.

The faster your acceptance is the faster will your recovery be

some people get stuck at the phase of denial where they fail to accept what happened and as a result they try to act if that person will come back one day.

This is normal but if it took longer than expected then you must work a little more on your acceptance in order to allow yourself to heal. Getting over the loss of a close person can take from a few weeks to years depending on your coping strategies and how close that person was to you.

its pretty normal to feel down, to not want to see anybody and to be unable to work but as long as this takes no longer than the normal period its OK .

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