The stages of recovery from grief

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Stages of recovery from grief

I know how bad it feels when you lose something that was very important to you or even worse when you lose a close person.

While i am not trying to underestimate the emotions you are experiencing still i know of few things that can help you feel a little better. In this article i will tell you about the stages of recovery from grief then help you get through them a little faster.

The stages of recovery from deep grief are as follows

  • Denial: The first stage of recovery is denial where you think that what happened to you was only a bad dream and that everything is going to be back to normal. In case of the death of a loved one some people still hear his voice and see him talking to them as a result of denial
  • Anger: The next stage is usually anger where the person starts to blame others or even Blame God. Anger becomes the dominant emotion and the person becomes mad at the slightest reason. If you reached this stage then don't feel sad because it means that you are already progressing through the stages of recovery
  • bargaining Bargaining is the most dangerous stage because it's where many people remain stuck. For example in the case of a break up some people keep going to the same places they used to go to together hoping to meet each other by chance.
  • Depression: Depression occurs when you lose hope in getting that thing that you wanted to get and when you admit that you have lost it
  • Acceptance: If you progressed correctly through these stages your depression will start to turn into acceptance and you will start recovering

how to recover faster from Grief

the shorter the time you spend on the first four stages the faster you will recover and the faster everything will get back to normal. Some people spend a long time in one stage or between two stages and that's what causes their recovery to be so late.

Try to convince yourself to adapt to the new conditions in a faster way. I know this may be hard but its the only way to recover faster.

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