What to do after a break up

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What to do after a break up

One of the most important phases of getting over someone is the period right after the breakup.

Many people don't know what to do right after a breakup and thus keep suffering for long periods of time.

The steps you should take right after a breakup are as important as the steps you took to breakup with that person and if you didn't do the right things in this phase you might not be able to get over him quickly.

That's why i decided to write this article to tell you what to do after a breakup.

Here is exactly what you need to do after a break up

  • 1) Fix your beliefs about relationships: Right after you break up you must read about the psychology of love. When you understand why you fell in love with that person you will discover that your own personal flaws and past experiences were the reason you loved him and so getting over him will be 10 times easier
  • 2) Kill Hope completely: Some people breakup then live on the little hope of getting back. I said in my previous articles that unless you kill hope completely right after a breakup you will never get over the person. As soon as you break up call the person and make sure that what happened cannot be reversed
  • 3) Burn your Cds : What 99 percent of people do right after they breakup is that they start listening to sad songs, reading sad break up quotes and even watching sad romantic movies then they wonder why they can't forget the person!!Music and media programs your mind, shapes your beliefs and can determine your destiny. Right after you breakup avoid negative media all together until you completely recover. (see How music affects the brain mood and mind
  • 4) Tear down the pictures: Right after most people break up they start remembering the good old memories, watching the pictures they had together and day dreaming about the one who broke up with them. If you are serious about getting over the person you loved then right after you breakup tear down the pictures, delete the albums, eat the chocolates and get rid of the gifts.

What you must never do right after breaking up

  1. Don't try to escape: by using drugs, drinking a lot or by traveling. Instead put in mind that understanding the new fact is the key to recovery. Escaping will only delay the recovery
  2. Don't keep yourself busy i know its the first time for you to hear that but when you read an advice on a website that helped millions of people its certainly going to be different than reading it on a blog that someone started few days ago and posted his own view about love on it. Keeping yourself busy right after a breakup will only let the problem remain in your subconscious mind and it will visit you right before you sleep, whenever your mind becomes free and even while you are trying to act busy
  3. Don't Suppress your emotions: Cry, allow yourself to vent and talk to close people. That will certainly help you ease the pain that results from a break up
  4. Don't day dream: Day dreaming about your partner does nothing but send the mind signals that you still want to get him back. When your mind gets such signals it delays recovery until new information arrives. Because usually nothing new happens after breakups you will stay down for a long period of time if you did that.
  5. Don't get into another relationship: Many people try to forget about their old partners by getting into a new relationship. The problem with that approach is that those people go for the first available person then later discover that he is not good enough. When this happens those people believe even more that their first partner can't be replaced

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