Guilt and anger

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Guilt and anger

Do you know the relationship between guilt and anger?

If someone violated one of your rights you will feel angry but if you shouted at him or asked for your rights assertively you will feel less angry.

The more you do actions to release your anger the less anger you will feel until you will reach a point where you won't have any anger emotions left, this is the neutral point.

Now what if you took another strong action like doing something bad to the person who made you angry right after reaching this natural point? What will you feel then? Will you remain at the natural point or will you experience another emotion?

No, you won’t remain at the natural point but instead you will bypass it and feel guilty.

The anger-guilt line

Guilt might result from overreacting to your anger. If your neighbor parked his car in front of your door then you destroyed all of his car’s windows you will feel guilty instead of experiencing relief.

Its as if anger and guilt lie on one line with the neutral point in the middle of line. On the right side of the line lies anger and on the left side lies guilt. If you felt angry then fought for your rights you will be moving more towards the neutral point which lies in the middle of the line but if you over did it you will bypass the neutral point and experience guilt.

How to control people using the anger-guilt line

Feelings of Guilt can even result in making someone fall in love with you, if you managed to make someone experience excessive guilt because of , lets say, treating you badly he might end up loving you.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how guilt can be confused with love in such a way that makes a person thinks that he loves you instead of realizing that he is just feeling guilty.

If someone was angry at you then you made him feel guilty by acting as if his angry actions harmed you so much he will then do his best to please you in order to get rid of the guilt he is experiencing. A perfect example would be having a tough manager who always shouts at you, if you managed to convince him somehow that his shouting has affected you emotionally and personally he will feel so guilty and will do his best to make you happy.

The more you make a person feel guilty the more he will try to help you in order to feel good. For more information on controlling people using guilt see my article how to control people with your mind.

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