Feeling Empty

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is Emptiness?

What is emptiness? Feelings of emptiness can visit you whenever there's something you need but can't get.

If you are starving but can't find food you will feel hungry. The feeling of emptiness is like emotional hunger where you become hungry for a something that you can't get. For example the feeling of emptiness related to loneliness results from needing an intimate relation without being able to find it.

Depression is one of the strongest reasons that can make you feel empty and the combination of both depression and emptiness can be really annoying.

The opposite of the feelings of emptiness is when you feel full. This kind of feelings comes when you find that you achieved most of your goals or that at least you are moving in the right direction towards reaching them.

How to Overcome Feelings of Emptiness?

To overcome your feeling of emptiness you need to figure out your unsatisfied emotional need that is causing your feelings of emptiness.

I have said earlier that the key to real happiness is being able to understand your unmet needs and work towards reaching them. If i told you that there is one cure for emptiness i would be lying because each person might be feeling empty for a different reason.

Can money cure emptiness and bring happiness?

People say that money can't buy happiness while the real reason a person who suffered from financial insecurity might be feeling empty could be the lack of money.

For another person money could have no real value but he could still be feeling empty because of the lack of intimate relationships in his life.

Getting over emptiness can be an easy task once you understand what causes your personal emptiness. Applying generic advice found in most places will certainly not help because each person is unique.

Self understanding and emptiness

Some of the people who say that they feel empty have a self understanding problem. Here is a simple example: If you know that you are feeling bad because you failed to reach your goals then you would have said that you are disappointed and not empty.

In other words, people sometimes use the word empty to describe an emotion that they can't understand. That's why gaining more self understanding is a crucial step in dealing with emptiness and all other unwanted emotions.

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