I am Depressed because I am Strong!! (Depression and Weakness)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you Feel depressed?
Do you think that you are weak?
Do you think that if you were a little stronger you wouldn’t have been depressed?
Then read further and you will discover that depression affects strong people just like it affects weak ones.

Depression and Weakness

Contrary to common beliefs feeling depressed is not a sign of weakness but it may even be a sign of strength. If you find this a little hard to believe then read these stories to know that your strength can sometimes be the main reason you get depressed and not your weakness.

Depression Hits the Ambitious

Sam is an incredibly ambitious person. He always aims to be the best at everything he does and this attitude sometimes puts him before extremely difficult tasks. Ambition, which is recognized by many as a virtue, turned to over-ambition in Sam’s case and eventually left him disappointed and discouraged whenever he failed to achieve his goals.

Had Sam’s ambitions been more down to Earth he would have been able to realize them and avoid the negative effects of the continuous failures and thus he wouldn’t have become depressed.

Depression Hits the Persistent

Jack is a very persistent person. When he decides to do something he gives it all the effort he can and he never gives up half way through. His persistence can sometimes motivate him to keep trying even when it’s clear that he won't be able to do it . Without accomplishing what he’s set out to achieve and after all the effort he invested it’s natural that he’d be extremely disheartened.

If he had rather accepted the fact that what he wanted to achieve was out of his league then he probably wouldn't have become depressed.

Depression Hits the Confident

We all know that confidence is a great personality trait, However, in Tom’s case ‘overconfidence’ turned out to be his greatest weakness.

After meeting and eventually falling in love with a girl he decided to tell her that he loves her even though he wasn’t sure of her emotions towards him.

He silenced his fears by convincing himself that he is irresistible and that she will never reject him. You can imagine how shattered and disappointed he become when she told him that he wasn’t the one for her.

If Tom had been a little less confident he might have considered the possibility of being rejected and thus he wouldn't have been affected when she rejects him and as a result he wouldn't have been depressed.

How to Get over Depression

I’m not saying that depression is a direct result of our strengths but I'm just saying that you are likely to get depressed because of your strengths as much as you are likely to get depressed because of your weaknesses.

So if your case is similar to any of the ones mentioned earlier then until you get over your depression, say it proudly: “I’m depressed, because I am strong!!!”

In my book, The Ultimate Guide to Getting over Depression , I explained how depression can only be the result of ignoring your problems and throwing them behind your back. If you take action to solve them, your depression will ease the same moment you start. What are you waiting for then? Start moving and kill your depression.

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