Feeling Depressed Upon Waking Up.

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling depressed upon waking up

When you open your eyes a fast checkup is done by your subconscious mind to check whether you have any unsolved problems, whether there is something bothering you or whether everything is fine.

If your subconscious mind found any unsolved problems like for example remembering the breakup you had the night before then you'll wake up in a terrible mood.

Even if you felt better later on in the day waking up and feeling bad is a sign that there is something going on in your life that you must take care of.

I wake up feeling depressed even if i have no problems

One important fact you must put into consideration is that many people try ignoring their problems or putting them behind their backs to the extent that they become no more conscious of them.

There are lots of people who have successfully managed to bury their problems deep in their minds without realizing that this can result in bad moods that comes out of no reason.

Waking up feeling depressed might be a sign that you are ignoring your problems or not paying attention to them.

Dreams and waking up feeling bad

If you saw a bad dream while sleeping you might wake up without remembering it thus finding yourself left with the bad mood that resulted from it.

So you can wake up feeling depressed if you had a bad dream that you can't remember. But again bad dreams are signs that show that there are some suppressed emotions that are trying to leak through these dreams.

This bad feeling can help you live a better life

Most people deal with bad moods by avoiding them or trying not to think about them and this is a big mistake. If you want to live a better life then you must know that these bad moods are there to help you.

When you wake up feeling bad try to scan your life for problems that you left unsolved. By doing some thinking every morning you will be able to come up with the list of problems that are troubling you.

As soon as you find these problems write a plan to deal with them. You will be surprised to find that your mood improved even before the problems were solved! As soon as you take actions towards solving your problems your mind will help you feel better.

The takeaway is, don't run from your problems but face them.

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