Giving up your dreams

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Requiem for a dream

No this isn’t a movie review nor its an article about the movie requiem for a dream but its an article about those who let their dreams die and then suffer for the rest of their lives

How is your life going right now? Are you feeling happy or are you scared and full of insecurities? Do you avoid meeting certain people because they remind you of things you gave up on?

Are you satisfied with your life or are you suffering everyday and trying to forget about it?

Do you remember the dreams you had long ago? Do you still fight for them? Or is all what you have left is the requiem for your dreams.

Why did you kill me?

He was a lively boy who had lots of dreams and a great ambition. Everyone who dealt with him found him optimistic and happy, not because he had anything then, but because he was living for something.

Hope, he had hope and this is what kept him going on even in tough times. One of his dreams was to have his own multinational company but when he graduated he found himself working in a boring desk job that neither satisfied his Ego nor made him feel happy.

He tried many times to do the things he always dreamed of but eventually he found them impossible and he joined the billions who gave up. He took the decision millions of people take everyday, the decision to bury his dreams and to act as if they were never there.

But a part inside him was screaming everyday and every moment. The scream was so silent so that no one ever heard it except him. "Why did you kill me" a phrase his dreams used to say everyday.

They don’t exist

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how moving away from your dreams can cause severe depression and how moving towards them can make you feel alive.

He didn’t just move away from his dreams but he started to deny their existence. He tried to hide the traces and bury every existing clue that proves that he had big dreams one day.

He lived the rest of his life hiding in a dark room. The dark room wasn't in the outside world but it was in his mind. He went for In jobs that had no connection to his dreams and he lived in a world that has no connection to anything he dreamed of long ago.

The story is finished......and he is still severely depressed though he never understood the reason behind it.

Is this your story too?

Giving up your dreams

Do you remember how it felt like when you used to think about your dreams? Do you remember how life was like when you had hope? Do you remember the beautiful meanings that you had in your life? Do you know how would it feel like to revive them again?

Giving up is a choice my friend and so is depression. The current emotions you are experiencing are nothing but the result of the choices and the decisions you made long ago.

Long ago you had lots of chances to make choices but obviously you chose the dark room and now you are getting another chance by reading this article. And who knows, maybe this is your last chance.

Will you deny their existence? Will you bury them even deeper and just ignore the screams of your mind? Will you live in the dark room?

Or will you fight for them until you either achieve them or die proud of yourself?

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