I want to change my life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you want to change your life?

Are you happy?
Are you really happy?
Do you know what does real happiness feel like?
Is this the type of life you are looking for?
Is this how you intend to live till the end of your life?
Why are you accepting this pain?
Why do you want to live like that?

Can’t you make a change? Yes you can, you know you can but you just cant gather enough of your power to start.

You know that you have inside you all the resources that can lead you to achieving those dreams and you know that you don’t lack any of them, so what’s the problem then?

I know what the problem is, there are lots of things that are pulling you back like ill will, fear, negative emotions, false beliefs, life problems, faith problems, lack of self confidence and lots of other things.

Even if you have hundreds of factors that pull you back, do you know what’s price of giving in to them? The price is staying where you are. The price is your dreams.
yes, the price is your dreams.

What a price to pay for living without fighting back. What a price to pay for waking up late. What a price to pay for not being disciplined. What a price to pay for escaping from the responsibility.

I want to change my Life

There are three types of people in this world, those who are happy because they have won their battles, those who are still fighting and those who gave up.

How many years have passed since you decided to change?
How many years have passed without doing anything useful?
How many years have passed and still you did not take serious actions?

If you are serious about a major change in your life then you should start now. You shouldn't even wait for tomorrow, break this cycle of helplessness now. Take an action even if it’s a small one. Big mountains are formed of small pebbles but you just have to bother collecting those pebbles in order to build your mountain.

Waking up one hour earlier each day will result in a tremendous change in your life after a year.

Brainstorming for one hour per week will provide you with hundreds of new ideas each year. Reading two articles a day about any topic will make you an expert within five years.

exercising for 30 minutes each day will give you a perfect body in few months
Making one new friend every week will make you a popular person within few years
Asking god for help five minutes each day will give you divine guidance and support

Change is simple; if you want to move big pillars in few years you should only do some of these tiny actions everyday.

Say no

Say no to helplessness by taking actions
Say no to loss of hope by praying to God
Say no to life problems by looking them straight into the eye
Say no, without opening your mouth but let every action you do each day become a “NO”

Say it in the morning, say it in the evening and say it now. Say no to misery by writing a plan after you read this article.
Say Nooooooooooooooooooooo

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