Is it real love or just relationship addiction?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is it real love or just relationship addiction?

If you want to know whether you really love your partner or whether its just some kind of relationship addiction then see if the following criteria matches your case:

  • love addiction sign # 1,not loving him unless he loves you back: if you always used to meet that person but you didn’t love him until you felt one day that he loves you then this may be a sign of love addiction
  • love addiction sign #2:always feeling down when not being in a relationship If you feel down or bad whenever you are single then there is a great chance that you are a love addict.
  • love addiction sign #3:always feeling bad when being alone If you always feel bad whenever you are alone then this may be another sign for being a love addict
  • dependency sign #4: falling in love often some people tend to fall in love more often than anybody else. If you fall in love each few weeks then there is a great possibility that you are a love addict.

Are you a love addict?

Know that you should find more than two of the previous sings in order to make sure whether you are a love addict or not. The more signs you find the more likely you are a love addict.

Know that relationships that are based on true love are the ones that last and that relationship addiction can result in unstable relationships.

The problem with love addiction is that it always results in incorrect choices. A typical love addict always experiences failures and disappointment in his relationships.

Dealing with love addiction

There is something very important that you must understand: knowing why you are a love addict is the key to getting over such a problem. For example, if you feel unloved because you lack self esteem then there is a very big chance that you are going to look for any quick fix that can help you feel good about yourself and guess what, getting into a relationship can be that quick fix.

Love addiction has many causes and unless you understand that cause and treat it you might always get into the wrong relationships. In the example i just gave the only way to get over relationship addiction is to build self esteem.

By doing so you won't find yourself in need for a relationship to feel good and you will only get into a relationship when you are really in love.

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