Am i addicted to relationships, Love addiction Explained

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Am i addicted to relationships, Love addiction Explained

Suppose that you got used to drinking three cans of coke each day. What will happen if one day you suddenly stopped drinking coke? Most likely you will feel that there is something missing and most likely you will be eager to drink your daily coke.

This happened because your body got used to a certain amount of caffeine and that's why as soon as you stopped you felt like something is missing.

So what dos this has to do with being addicted to relationships?

In Fact there is a strong connection between relationships and such addictions.
when you get into a relation you might become addicted to the relationship itself rather than to your relationship partner.

This usually results in experiencing withdrawal symptoms when trying to breakup with that person just like the withdrawal symptoms you experience when you try break any habit.

Why am i addicted to relationships?

The reasons you might get addicted to a relationship are:

  • Getting addicted to the chemical Phenylethylamine (PEA) is the chemical generated when you fall in love and the one responsible for the feelings of excitement you get when you get into a new relation. When people feel down Phenylethylamine acts like a pain killer and that's why some of them become addicted to relationships
  • Addicted to a certain way of treatment: Getting addicted to the nurturing you receive from your partner (finding someone who cares about you, asks about you …etc) can be the reason for love addiction
  • Feeling that you are desired: Getting addicted to phrases like "I love you" or "i cant live without you"

Is it love or just addiction?

Relationships that are based on love addiction never last and that's why you must make sure that you love your partner and that you are not addicted to the relationship itself.

Love addicts realize this fact when one day their mood improves and they start to discover that they were addicted to the relationship just because they were feeling down and not because they were really in love.

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