I want to do something new

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

i am feeling bored

X:”hey Y, how are you?”
Y: ”i am fine,I am just a little bored, this city is really boring, I want to do something new”

Sounds familiar huh? Usually that’s the response you get from a large number of people when you ask them how they are they doing.

Its completely normal to feel bored every now and then or every once in while but there is one thing that you don't know about boredom which is that 99% of the time it's internal and not external!!!

internal boredom

when you think that you are bored because there are no new places to go to or because of your daily routine then you may be wrong, the truth is that boredom is an internal feeling that comes from within.

Going to a new place or breaking the routine will only make you feel less bored for few days but as soon as you resume back your normal life you will feel bored once again.

Some people have developed the habit of blaming external factors for all of their problems. We learned to act like victims instead of taking charge and we learned how to use that habit to escape from responsibility whenever possible.

Most people just blame any external factor or person for their problems in order not to feel guilty or responsible.

how to know if i am really bored?

So how can you know if your feeling of boredom is internal or if its there because you really need to change. The answer is very simple if you made that change and then shortly after returning back to your normal life felt the same then there is another cause behind your boredom. You have got internal boredom!!

How do people blame the external factors

The following are a few examples that show how people incorrectly blame external factors rather than facing the real problems:

  • blaming places instead of people:
  • Saying that you want to go somewhere new because you are bored of the city you live in while the problem is that you are bored of the people you go out with is a common example of blaming the external factors for your problems. If you enjoy the company of your current friends much you wont feel bored and you won't even think about changing places. Of course i am not asking you to change your friends but at least you should expand your social relations so that you could see different people instead of (see Blaming other factors for your problems)

  • Blaming routine instead of the task itself:
  • Blaming the daily routine instead of admitting that you don't like what you do is another self deception method that leads to boredom.

  • blaming people instead of yourself:
  • This is when you Blame people by saying that they became so boring while the real problem is that you are just bored.

if you are happy, you wont feel bored

Know that if you are bored you will find everything boring while if you are happy and satisfied you will find everything interesting. It all depends on your perspective and not the external factors.

Try to search for the reasons that are forcing you to feel bored and fix them instead of blaming everything around you.

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