How to make friends at work, at school or anywhere else

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make friends anywhere

Lots of people think that making friends is a process that randomly happens while in fact if you knew very little about psychology you will discover that certain kinds of people are attracted to each other because of certain reasons.

The psychological needs people have bind them together and make them become friends. By getting a deeper understanding of these psychological factors you will be able to make more friends in school, at college, at work or anywhere else.

Why do some people fail to make friends

The first thing you must do in order to make friends is to make sure that your problem is not internal. If your problem is shyness, social phobia, lack of self confidence or anything else then your efforts might be in vain until you take the right steps to fix this internal problem.

Right after you deal with such a problem you can move on to step two which is learning how to make friends. Of course you aren't asked to wait until you build self confidence or kill your shyness but at least you should start working on the solution before progressing to the next step.

What makes people become friends?

friends are people who share common interests. If you examined any group of friends you will find that they share common interests ,backgrounds, and values.

In my article Interpersonal attraction i said that even a simple interest such as the desire to have fun was common among two people they might become friends.

Based on these facts you must do the following if you want to make friends:

  • Develop more interests: the more interests you have the more friends you will collect
  • Hang out often: Hang out in public places instead of visiting a close friend at home. This will give you the chance to get to know your friend's friends if you met any of them by chance
  • Start a new activity: Start a new sport, take a computer course or learn a new language. Any new activity that you start will give you a chance to meet new people

Improve your communication skills to make more friends

Certainly a charismatic and assertive person who knows how to communicate well will have lots of friends.

Sometimes people fail to make friends because they lack some of these essential skills. This will also be a good chance to improve your life as a whole and not just to make friends because each of these skills will benefit you later on in your life.

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