How to communicate effectively with people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to communicate effectively with people

One of the least understood facts about effective communication is that the response a person gets is dependent to a great extent on his actions.

Have you ever tried to initiate a conversation with someone then got an undesired response?

Or have you ever wondered why someone became mad at you even though you didn't mean to do any harm?

Effective communication is all about taking the responsibility for the responses you get because after all they are a direct result of your own behavior.

I don't understand you so i will label you

Our minds were designed to fill gaps and as soon as we fail to understand someone we rush to assign labels to him in order to solve the riddle. How many times have you labeled someone mad,dumb or weird ?

Labeling someone is a clear indication that you didn't understand him correctly and that you didn't manage to communicate with him effectively.

In short people label each other when they fail to communicate effectively with them.

Effective communication is your responsibility

If you said something to someone and got a strange response then this doesn't mean that he is mad but it only means that you used the wrong words.

You must put in mind that people are different and that the right words for Sam might be the wrong words for Joe. (see How to understand people)

So basically you need to understand people well and be intelligent enough to pick the words that would give you the best response in a given situation.

Its all about trial and error, don't rush to label people if you failed to communicate effectively with them but instead find out how you can change your approach and see if the results became any different.

By time you will become experienced enough to choose the right words to say and to communicate effectively with people.

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