6 surefire ways to be happier in life and less stressed

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be happier in life and less stressed

In most of my previous articles about happiness i explained how satisfying unmet needs and getting what you want out of life can make you happier.

While following such advice can really make you happier still there is another very important factor in the happiness puzzle that is very easy to attain and that can make you much happier in life.

I have previously said that happiness is the absence of bad emotions, after all you can't feel stressed, anxious, worried and happy in the same time.

Everyday most people do little mistakes that reduce their happiness levels even though they don't have major problems that spoil their lives, in this article i will tell you about these mistakes and how to avoid them so that you can be happier in life.

Few things that have great impact on your happiness levels

  • 1)What's going inside your body: Emotions can be described as actual physical and biological changes taking place inside the body. when you experience a new emotion then this means that something has changed inside your body. This also works the other way around, for example if you ate unhealthy food or if you ate until you became very full then the changes that happened in your body might make you unhappy for few hours!! (see also Food that can make you happy)
  • 2)Delaying small tasks: some people delay small but important tasks like paying a certain bill or cleaning their room. As long as you are delaying a task you will be concerned about it and you won't feel happy. If you want to be happy then make sure you silence your worries by taking actions
  • 3)Not sleeping well: if you don't sleep well you will feel irritated and unhappy even if everything in your life was going fine. I am sure that one day you had a great sleep and then woke up feeling happier, why don't you do that everyday?
  • 4)Waking up late: If you have important tasks to do in the morning then you woke up late you will feel stressed and irritated. In addition if you missed the morning sunlight you might experience some depressive feelings
  • 5)TV: I just want you to notice how your mood will change right after watching the news. TV can sometimes be useful but most of the time it can make you unhappy. If you want to be happier in life then don't randomly surf the TV but only watch your favorite programs then turn it off.
  • 6)Stressful people:In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how we absorb the emotions of the people we deal with whether we want it or not. Stay with an angry person and you will get a little angry or spend some time with a stressed person and you will become stressed. If you want to be happier in life then avoid such people if possible.

Very Simple but extremely effective

Those were very simple tips but they are highly effective and can have a great impact on your mood. Try to follow them and you will discover that a great deal of your unhappiness was because of tiny factors that are completely under your control.

Even if you have other major problems that are making you sad still getting rid of the minor ones will result in a great improvement in your mood.

When you manage to eliminate many of the small problems that were affecting your mood directly you will be able to focus on the bigger ones and isolate them.

sometimes the big problems can't be isolated simply because they are clouded by other tiny ones. Don't find the big problems then stop because the best way to become happier and less stressed is to fix those big ones as well.

starting by the small problems will certainly give you a mood boost but after you are done with them you must focus on getting rid of the big ones as well.

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