How to be happy with your job

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be happy with your job

Ask anybody about the things he wants in life and he will tell you that happiness is one of them. Ask the same person if he is happy with his job and he will tell you that he is not!!

One of the main reasons people become unhappy with their jobs is the incorrect priorities they set for the different things in their lives. While they want to be happy in life they choose jobs that they don’t like and feel bad every morning on their way to work.

In this article I will tell you how to be happy with your job by learning how to avoid the common mistakes job seekers do.

But its your job

Sam has recently started a new job as a salesman. The job was so stressful to the extent that Sam started to become bad tempered throughout his day. Whenever anything happens same becomes irritated and he shortly finds himself cursing and screaming.

Whenever Sam feels really low because of his job pressure he turns to his friends and relatives for advice and they all reply saying the same thing "But its your job"

Sam started to become really unhappy with his life, he started sleeping less, smoking and gaining weight. Sometimes thoughts of quitting the job visits Sam’s mind but as soon as he declares them someone quickly replies saying "but its your job"

The "but its your job" concept is the excuse responsible for ruining hundreds of lives of people who wanted to be happy. If you asked Sam about his life goals he will tell you that he wants to be happy but like the most he contradicts himself by staying in a job that he hates. (see Why do people hate their jobs)

How to be happy in your job

Sam’s story is just one of the millions of stories that happens everyday and I am sure you have lived a similar story at a certain point of your life. In order to be happy with your job you must:

  • But its my life: don’t ruin your life because of your job, After all the main reason you are working is to live a better life not to ruin it. You must give up the self torturing approach that most people follow and be brave enough to quit your job if its ruining your life
  • Do something that you like: only choose a job that you like instead of following the crowd. Hundreds of people have ruined their lives because of not adhering to their hobbies and the things that they really like.
  • Fix your priorities: if health is much more important to you than money then your current 12 hour job is not by any means suitable for you, however if you don’t mind to die early just to die rich then keep this job. Its all about your priorities
  • Understand yourself and seek a job that suits you: Some people adore routine work while others could suffocate if they did the same thing everyday. Some people hate to carry the responsibility while others want to be their own bosses. Understanding yourself is a crucial step in the choice of your job

Next time someone tells you “but its your job” answer him saying “but its my life”

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