Job stress and burnout

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Job stress and Burnout

I don’t think that you want to set big goals and fight hard for them only to find yourself suffering from serious health issues that prevent you from continuing your journey.

The human body is the ultimate machine but it has limits, the more extra load you put on your body the more you are subject to burnouts.

Success has no taste without being healthy to enjoy it. who wants to be successful while not being able enjoy the moment?

That's why in this article i will tell you how to reduce job stress and prevent burnout.

what causes burnouts?

Try to work for 8 hours on something that you like without subjecting yourself to stress and compare it to only one hour of work under stress.

Surely you will find that the one hour of stress made you feel much more tired. Stress is the most dangerous known emotion in the world; it can even kill you if it lasted for prolonged periods of time and if it didn't kill you it might turn into depression.

Stress is not the only thing that can cause burnouts but all other unwanted emotions that you experience while doing a task will make the task much more tiresome and might lead to burnout.

If you are a workaholic or if you are a Type A personality you might be overloading your body with extra stress which might lead to burnouts.

Tips that can help you reduce stress and prevent burnouts

Here are few tips that are simple but very effective in helping you prevent burnouts:

  • Short breaks:As soon as you feel that you are stressed, overwhelmed or tired take a small break. Don’t keep telling yourself “ok, I’ll just finish this tiny bit then take a break” because there are always more of these unfinished tiny bits.
  • Listen to music: Listen to light music or music that has slow rhythm
  • Exercise: Vigorous exercise can flush all negative emotions
  • Learn self hypnosis: 10 minutes of deep relaxation under hypnosis is equivalent to one hour of normal rest
  • PC break: If you are using a computer, take a 10 minute break every one hour
  • Don't think while resting!!:Don’t think about unfinished tasks during your rest time!!!
  • Don't think in bed!!:Don’t keep thinking of work while you’re in bed resting
  • Learn how to control your emotions:Yes its possible, here is how to do it

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