Is it possible to control your emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is it possible to control your emotions

how to be in control of your emotions?
is it possible to control your emotions?

The girl was waiting for her fiancee to call her back but he didn't because he was in a business meeting. She kept calling him over and over and then she started thinking that he is cheating on her. As the time passed she lost control of her emotions even more and decided to break up with this cheater. Within few moments she has updated her Facebook status with an indirect message about cheating that mentioned him.

When the guy finished his meeting and discovered what happened it was too late for her to apologize. This example might seem rare but in fact it happens all the time in different forms with people who can't control their emotions.

Not being in control of your emotions won't just make you weak but it will let you take many actions that you will regret later on.

The good news is that is it possible to control your emotions and In this article i will tell you how to be in control of your emotions so that you can live a better life.

Being in control of your emotions is possible

When some people are put under pressure they start to become so emotional to the extent that they take irrational decisions that they regret later on. The difference between those who can control their emotions and those who can't control them is not giving in to the negative thoughts that visit their minds under pressure.

It is possible to control your emotions but if you want do it then you must not take any quick decision or do anything until you feel calmer. Most emotional decisions will push you in the wrong direction and will prevent you from taking the right action thus you should never do anything unless you become calmer.

I had a friend who once read a status of mine , incorrectly interpreted it and then started writing aggressive comments on way wall. Because i was in control of my emotions i decided not to answer him right away and to take my time thinking of a good reply but before i even completed thinking i found that this friend blocked me.

This is what lack of emotional control can lead to. Irritability, impulsiveness, unrest, bad feelings and even worse guilt.

Step by step for controlling your emotions

Controlling your emotions is possible, Here is how you can do it:

  • Think wisely before taking a decision: Take your time before taking a decision and if you are not constrained by time then its even better to sleep on it. By giving yourself more time to think you will be more in control of your emotions
  • Resist the urge to act right away even if you feel like it: In order to be able to control your emotions you must learn how to not let them force you to take impulsive actions. This can only happen when you learn how to react after taking your time to think
  • Always have plan b: sometimes a person might take an action then lose control of his emotions if he didn't get the results he expected. This usually happens as a result of not having a backup plan. If you know what you are going to do in case the action you did didn't work it will be completely possible to be in control of your emotions
  • Seek explanation and evidence before you take actions: One of the things that can let you be in control of your emotions is to seek explanation before you take actions. If for example you were told that someone was talking behind your back then you might first want to call that person and to confront him before you take actions that you regret later

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