How to get over something you regret

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get over something your regret

We all have things that we regret in our lives. Some people just move on and go on with their lives after experiencing losses while others live their lives haunted by their past.

Whether you want to get over a relationship, the loss of a job or anything else that you regret you will have to follow the same approach with disregard to the thing you are trying to forget.

Lots of people think that the advice they should follow for getting over a relationship should be different that the advice they should follow for forgetting anything else but since the human mind works the same way you can use the same approach to get over anything you regret.

How to get over anything

Suppose that a man invested all of his money in the stock market then suddenly the stock market started to go down madly. Each day the man checks the stock prices he finds that he has lost more money and so feels worse everyday.

When do think the man will accept the losses that happened to him?
The man will only accept these losses and get over them when the stock market stops falling or at least when he sells his shares.

Acceptance can never happen while the event is still going on, you can’t accept that you lost 20% in the stock market while you still don’t know what might happen the next day. And even if you got over the pain of accepting a 20% loss what would guarantee that next day you won’t feel bad again when you lose another 5%?

Getting over something and accepting it is all about knowing that the situation has already ended and that it can never be brought back again.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days I explained how you can get over anyone by making sure that there is no hope at all in bringing him back.

Loss of hope will lead to some bad feelings for few days but after that your subconscious mind will accept what happened and you will get over that person.

How to convince your subconscious mind to accept what happened

If it’s a relationship then make sure you contact the person and know his final decision. Insist on making him tell you that its over. If someone cheated on you or married someone else then make sure you attend their wedding if you can. Only then your subconscious mind will believe that its over and accept what happened.

If it’s a job loss, financial loss or something related to your career then keep telling yourself that its over and that there is no other way to bring the same job back. Of course you can find a better one or find another way to make more money but for that specific job you lost you must convince yourself that there is no way to bring it back.

Acceptance never happens unless you know for sure that the thing is over and so getting over something you regret will never be possible unless you kill hope. Sounds weird but this is how our minds work.

How to prevent depression

Depression is the loss of hope in getting something that you wanted so if you got over something by convincing yourself that there is no hope in getting it back you will get depressed right?

Actually your mind won't care about getting that specific thing if an alternative was introduced. For example the if the man who lost his money stayed at home after that he will get depressed but if he started to think of another way to generate income then hope will be experienced again and depression will disappear.

In short in order to get over something you regret without being depressed you must lose hope in getting that specific thing and create hope in getting an alternative.

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