Food that makes you happy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Food that makes you happy

In my previous article Hormones that make you happy I explained how the release of certain hormones in your body can make you feel good and I also explained how you can force your body to release these hormones.

In this article I will talk about eating habits that can result in making you feel happy so that you can add more happiness to your life.

Can food make me happy?

Food alone can never make you happy, some people escape to food just to change their mood and to escape from their real problems and while this pain killing method works for few hours still the accumulated bad emotions turn into depression right after the effect of the hormones that were released by food disappears.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how depression can be the result of ignoring your problems and using pain killers such as drugs, television or even food.

So in short, food can only make you happy if all other factors that make you sad were not there. Food can improve your mood but it can’t find you a job if you were unemployed nor it can mend your broken heart if you just broke up.

Eating habits that improve the mood

Eating until you become full might appear like a good idea but the truth is that this feeling of fullness might result in feelings of dizziness, tiredness and laziness.

I have discovered that if I ate until I become full I feel tired until the excess food is digested, not to mention the health risks that are associated with eating more than the needs of your body.

The other eating habit that can make you feel really bad is eating without even being hungry. Emotional eating, escaping to food and all other habits that force you to eat while you are not hungry will result in bad feelings right after you finish eating.

Feelings are nothing more than physical changes that happen in your body, stomach aches that result from the excess food are immediately translated into feelings of irritation and sadness.

Can you feel happy while you have a headache? It can rarely happen, the same goes for trying to be happy while your stomach is full of extra undigested food or soda that contains three times your daily body needs of sugar.

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