Why do we get bored

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we get bored

In my previous articles feeling bored all the time and dealing with boredom I said that boredom is just a message sent to you by your subconscious mind to tell you that there are much more important things to do than what you are doing now.

In this article I will explain another concept that is related to boredom which is getting bored of the things that used to be interesting to us like a relationship or a hobby.

Boredom and relative comparison

Relative comparisons strongly affects the way our minds operate. When we say that someone is cute then this means that he is cute compared to the people we know or the people we have seen before.

If at your early years found someone very attractive you might later on find that he looks normal if you got to know lots of other people who are more attractive than him.

You can even get bored of someone you were interested in earlier on meeting someone else who is more interesting because your mind always compares your past experiences to your new ones.

Why do we get bored of things we used to like?

As you gain more experience in life and as your knowledge base becomes wider it becomes harder to impress you. Have you ever met someone who is easily impressed by anything? Most probably that person’s life wasn’t as experience rich as yours and so everything seems new to him.

Just like a small child can play with a boring toy for the whole day without getting bored your friend who hasn’t seen a lot may not get bored as fast as you.

This means that when we get used to the things we like we find them uninteresting later on or at least not as interesting as they used to be. If you are worried about your current relationship then you don't have to worry because you can always restore love to your relationship once again. check out my articles How to restore love in marriage and How can i love my husband again).

Boredom and the first experience

The first experience is usually full of excitement because new neural pathways are developed in the brain. In my book The ultimate guide to break any bad habit I explained how trying something for the first time (a bad habit) can hard code your mind into doing it forever because of the change that happens in your neural pathways.

You might be wondering now, why don’t we get bored of our bad habits? Simply because we keep increasing the intensity of the experience each time and so we never get bored.

A drug addict usually starts by a small dose, get used to it then increase the dose in order to feel the same excitement he used to feel earlier.

How to get over boredom

In order to get over boredom you must first determine the type of boredom you are suffering from. Are you bored because you are doing things that are not aligned with your goals? Are you bored because your life is not experience rich? Are you bored because you have no major interests or goals to go after?

Once you determine the type of boredom you have make sure to fix the root cause instead of running after quick fixes like online games,internet or even various kinds of addiction that will never help you get over your boredom.

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